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Funding Pages

"All you wanted to know about AR at Coventry but didn't know where to look!"

Our Funding pages have now been included as part of Research Portal. The Funding pages have been established to support the University's research community in externally funded research and related activities. The Funding pages are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your research enquiries and can help at all stages of a proposal/application from identification of funding opportunities, costing and pricing, assisting you with any internal negotiations or approval processes, contract negotiation, proposal submission, through to financial management of your project.

We highly recommend you add these to your Favourites!

OPPORTUNITY AND NEWS ALERTS - see the latest selected grant, tender opportunities and news in our regular Funding Alerts

SHARE YOUR SUCCESS WITH US -We have set up a new section on the Home page entitled Success News. Have you got a success story to share? Please tell us - a brief paragraph will do. Please email BDSO@coventry.ac.uk with your story.

EVENTS - We have reviewed our AR sessions and this year aim to run more focused, targeted and interactive events meeting the needs of academics and professional staff based on feedback given. Please see details of all events on our new Events page.